We are an Amazing Team with bunch of crazy ideas, dedication, and most definitely a strong vision.
But it wouldn’t be about us, if it were not about you in first place. We constantly keep that in mind!

Solving Simple Problems

We know that solving the small problems can make a big difference, because sometimes the small things simply matter more.
Addressing the small and simple problems often means a lot.
Solving Simple Problems is our mantra and belief.
That is simply what we do.

So what actually is SpotMePlace

SpotMePlace is more then just an app, it is quite a sophisticated system, which gives you the possibility to find a nearby places such as any café, bar or any other consumer goods business, which is part of the SpotMePlace family, and most importantly a place where you can get granted free offers for being a loyal customer.

Why is this app so important for you?

The entire idea is based on the concept of point-reward relationship. If you always have your coffee at your favorite Café, then after few coffees you should have one for free. That is what we help you with, and in this way the Coffee Shop gets the chance to thank you for being a loyal customer.
Additionally, with your permission of course, you can allow your favorite places to send you nice offers whenever you are nearby the place.
Very often this can be a pleasant surprise and a great way to get something for less money, especially when it comes from your most favorite place.

Is it free?

Damn yeah! We believe that no user should pay for our app.
We are working hard to make sure the app is always online and fully functional, and the only thing we need from you is to stay a happy camper, and from time to time give us a good feedback. It is important for us to feel good about what we do.

Where do we go next?

We have a long way to go, that’s for sure. The current version of the app will always be the yesterday’s idea. Our DNA is very much shaped around Innovation and Creativity. We have great upcoming functionality, which will give you even more enjoyable User Experience. With your valuable feedback we go back to the drawing board and twist and turn things around until we build the right thing, and that's how we do it!

Designed with Your Needs in Perspective

Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology

Our services

We have a brilliant Idea! It simply creates great value for you and your customers.

SpotMePlace is more then an app, it is a system with bunch of functionality, which gives you great insights of your Marketing, Sales, and Operations aspect of your Business. As part of our services bundle we offer you help with Marketing and Sales Strategy, and Insightful Analytics Dashboards, which project real-time representation of your current data and customer behavior.




Find the best possible way to harvest SpotMePlace capabilities in order to create trustworthy communication with your Customers.



Learn how to interpret our SpotMePlace Dashboard Views in order to get better insights of your Business.



Based on your SpotMePlace data and customer behavior we can help you build solid Business Strategy and increase ROI.

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